Three Steps to build your AI Assistant

Step 1: AI Assistant Configuration Submission
  • Clients start by filling out a detailed form with their AI Assistant’s preferences, including the assistant's title, target domains, specific requirements, and the type of integration desired. Assistance is available for clients without an existing website.

Step 2: File Upload
  • A step where clients can upload files relevant to their AI Assistant’s development.

Step 3: Pricing and Payment
  • Clients choose a suitable pricing plan and complete the payment process to initiate the development of their AI Assistant.

Creation and Deployment

  • Our team crafts a custom AI Assistant based on the provided specifications. A demo link for the assistant is shared with the client for review and approval.

  • Upon client confirmation, the AI Assistant is published, and embed codes are provided for integration into the client's website. Comprehensive guidance is offered for clients needing assistance with the integration process.

Technical Support

Our technical team is readily available to engage in discussions with clients to address any issues or questions that arise during any phase of the process. Whether it's during initial setup, customization, integration, or post-deployment, we ensure clients have the support needed to achieve a smooth and successful implementation of their AI Assistant. This commitment to client support underscores our dedication to not just delivering a product but ensuring its effective application and ongoing performance.