Frequently asked questions

What enhancements does the GPT-4.0 package offer over the GPT-3.5 package?

The GPT-4o package introduces advanced functionalities, enabling more intricate interactions and a broader scope of integration capabilities, showcasing the latest developments in artificial intelligence technology.

Does Snowblue AI Assistant offer a trial period for new users?

New users can take advantage of a 7-day free trial to explore the full capabilities of the AI Assistant service before committing to a paid subscription.

Is it possible to modify my subscription plan after signing up?

Yes, subscribers have the flexibility to change their subscription level at any moment to align with their evolving requirements.

What type of customer support does Snowblue AI Assistant provide?

Every subscription plan includes email support, with additional chat support available for GPT-4.0 package subscribers. Annual subscribers receive priority in their support queries.

What are the implications of exceeding my allocated word limit?

Should your usage surpass the designated word limit, additional words will incur charges at a predefined rate, with prior notification before any extra fees are applied.

How does AI Assistant ensure the security and privacy of my data?

AI Assistant prioritizes data security by utilizing encrypted AWS servers for storage, ensuring that your documents remain private and inaccessible to others.

What formats can I use to provide data for my chatbot?

The service accommodates a variety of data inputs, including multiple file types, direct text entry to create a versatile chatbot experience.

Can I personalize my AI Assistant chatbot?

Users can customize their chatbot with a unique prompt, name, personality traits, and specific instructions to tailor the chatbot's responses.

How can I integrate AI Assistant into my website?

Integrating the AI Assistant into your website is straightforward, requiring just the training of your custom AI model and the choice between embedding an iframe or adding a chat bubble.

What languages does AI Assistant support, and can it cater to international audiences?

With support for over 100 languages, AI Assistant can respond to queries in various languages, making it a versatile tool for engaging with a global audience.

Are there any restrictions on the number of users who can interact with my chatbot?

The chatbot is accessible to anyone who possesses the link, with no user limit imposed.

Is it possible to incorporate multiple files into a single chatbot?

Yes, users have the capability to upload numerous files to a single chatbot for a comprehensive data integration.

How many chatbots am I allowed to create with AI Assistant?

The number of chatbots you can create is determined by your subscription tier, with each knowledge base equating to one chatbot.